Where Our Big Ideas Go to Die. Part 1 of 2: The Key to Why We Don’t Get Things Done.

Every year I’d go to at least 2 or 3 major industry conferences, the kind where I get on a plane, stay at a hotel, and immerse myself in new ideas. These were my moments of inspiration & creativity, where I could get away from the day-to-day grind, get away from the clients, employees and vendors, and really clear my head to be open to new ideas. If you’re like me, those moments of clarity and inspiration would last, oh, maybe three days. Then the notes, brochures and brainstorms go into “that place” where new ideas

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Are There Too Many Event Planners Out There? If so, What Does it Mean for You?

“They’re like mushrooms. You go outside after it rains and it seems a dozen more planners have sprouted under a tree. They’re popping up everywhere.” 15 year event designer in LA. Can we talk about this now? Is it heresy to say there are too many event planners out there? The quotes above were all given to me within the last month by frustrated, no, incredibly frustrated, event planners. They are pulling their hair out. What I want to know, however, is why anyone is surprised. It seems like only yesterday when practically every planner I knew was complaining they were not getting enough recognition as professionals. They wanted to be taken more seriously. Well, they’re taken more seriously now. Event planners appear, as professionals, in dozens of tv shows and movies. The number of colleges offering courses in event management grows every year. Trade organizations continue to develop best practices & industry standards. New conferences and seminars are developed every year. And, most importantly, it is now widely accepted that you need to have professionals manage social and corporate events. In short, everyone’s wishes have been granted. Is it no surprise then, that all this advancement and publicity have attracted gazillions of people to enter the industry? This is the logical consequence of everything we all wanted, isn’t it? What did we think, that the industry would take giant strides forward but that we’d keep it all to ourselves?

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