If you’re looking to start, grow, or sell your event business, I provide one-on-one consulting services to help owners achieve their goals. Having founded, grown and sold my own event agency, as well as having taught, coached and advised a number of other owners of various sized companies, I bring a unique perspective to the table. I’ve been where you are, and know the challenges you face, and I welcome the opportunity to leverage my experience to help you along your journey.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For owners looking to sell their businesses, I provide guidance on:

  • How best to position your company for a sale
  • What to say if your employees or clients find out
  • Identifying target strategic or financial buyers
  • Structuring deal terms
  • Helping you define your next chapter

For owners looking to acquire other companies, I provide guidance on:

  • Refining the strategic growth process
  • Identifying target companies for acquisition
  • Structuring deal terms
  • Integrating the new company & it’s owner(s)

Pricing Models

I’ve taught and consulted on event company pricing for the past fifteen years, and am well versed in every pricing model used, as well as having used them all myself at one time or another. Areas of guidance include:

  • Identifying the right pricing model(s) for your business & clients
  • Creating a narrative to use in explaining & selling the chosen model
  • Messaging for clients that proves your company’s value

Sales & Growth

If your company does good work and has satisfied clients, but you’re looking to grow and add new ones, I’ll work with you to:

  • Design prospecting strategies that have potential clients coming to you, rather than cold calling them
  • Identify customer personas for your target client groups
  • Refine your elevator pitch, and tailor it differently depending on whom you’re taking to

Branding & Market Positioning

Are you ready to scale up to bigger projects and higher end (& more profitable) clients, but keep getting inquiries for the smaller stuff you were known for early on?  If this is your challenge, I’ll help you:

  • Define & design a new company brand image & value proposition that positions you where you want to go, not where you came from
  • Identify marketing & communication strategies to raise your profile in this new area
  • Articulate strategies for dealing with legacy customers whom you don’t want to turn away, and a narrative to have them help you move up the food chain among their colleagues and network

Accountability for Owners

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is not having anyone to hold you accountable. I know; I’ve been there. For owners looking to get to the next level, I will push you out of your comfort zone to do what the company needs to achieve your goals.

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