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When do you use a glass vs. a metal gobo?  |  What’s the best way to charge for event planning?  |  What are the three biggest challenges to watch for when doing events in lofts?  |  What are the insider websites the top designers use to by their items wholesale?  |  What’s the exact verbiage you need on a certificate of insurance?  How do you get your business to the next level?  |  Whose responsibility is it to coordinate aspect ratios between presenters and a/v vendors?

The list goes on.  And on.  Being an event planner encompasses a dozen different disciplines, such as food and beverage, venues, entertainment, audio visual, transportation, etc.  Nobody’s an expert at all of them, but we’re all responsible for them at some point, and a screw up on any of them can sink your event.  And your career.  Where do you turn to for quick answers, best practices, and guidance?

Enter the Event Leadership Institute, a new venture I’ve been working on for the past year, which officially launched on June 1st.  The main thrust of it is online, on-demand top-flight education, training and insights for planners, all professionally produced and taught by subject matter experts.  Here are the key take-aways.

  1. Easy Access. Tapping a growing trend toward micro-learning, our classes average 40 minutes each, but are then broken into approximately 10 chapters of 4 minutes each by topic, so planners can jump right away to the section they need, when they need it.  You can return at a later date to finish the class, as the system remembers which chapters you’ve seen.

    Lighting 101

  2. Top Quality Content. We spend 7+ hours with every instructor (even experienced presenters), helping to develop and curate their presentations.  Our focus is to make the material well organized and easy to digest.  Over 90% of our classes have qualified for continuing education credits toward the CMP.

Lighting 101: Ellipsoidals screen shot

    • Wide Range of Topics. Our Class Library covers categories from Business Ownership to Technical Production to R.O.I., we try to cover all the bases, with new classes added every month.
    • Interviews with Top Planners. The people who plan the biggest events in the country share their insights on everything, including how they run their events, what kind of employees they look for, how they got started, etc.

    • Flexible Payment Options. You can purchase classes in three ways:
        1. A la carte (they range from $35 to $55),
        2. Monthly Subscription:  $25 / month (Beta price) for unlimited access.
        3. Annual Subscription: $250 / year (Beta price) for unlimited access (2 months included free).

          For years, we’ve all fought to be treated like professionals.  This venture is an effort to help raise the overall level of education out there, and make it easy for planners to learn what they need, when they need it.  I thank all the instructors who have graciously given of their time and offered to share their hard-earned insights, in service of this cause.

          I invite you to take a look at our site, and explore our various classes.  Each one has a free preview chapter so you can sample it before committing, and new classes are added every month.  Help spread the word that there’s a new resource available to us all.

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