White Papers Written by Howard, available at the Event Leadership Institute

White Papers Written by Howard, available at the Event Leadership Institute2016-10-12T17:18:28-04:00

2016 Planner Pricing Report: How, & How Much, Planners Charge
Learn how much event planners charge per hour, broken down by years of experience, region they’re located in, and other variables. Compare that to what clients want to pay per hour.  Learn how much planners make per event and per year, broken down by years of experience, and compare that with what clients think planners make. Compare results of planner fees by region and office location (out of their home vs. an office), and how much clients care if they have an external office. See which pricing models planners use (markups, flat fees, hourly fees, percentage of budget, commissions), and explain what clients prefer.

Cause Connection: Making Your Fundraising Event More Impactful by Connecting Your Audience to Your Mission
The purpose of this eBook is to give you ideas on how to make your fundraising events more impactful. We’re profiling a number of non-profit organizations that we believe have done a good job in connecting attendees to their causes at their events.  We invite you to use these case studies to stimulate your thinking, to take a fresh look at your fundraising events and how you can forge deeper emotional connections with your attendees, turning them into long-term, passionate supporters. Non-profits profiled include: Charity: water, Yorkville Common Pantry, UNICEF, True Patriot Love, Global Citizen, Prep for Prep, Be Bold Be Bald!, CANFAR, Hudson Link, National Wildlife Federation & Global Green USA.

Business Trends in Event Design
With the explosion of idea-sharing from Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and blogs, clients now routinely come to event companies and designers with pictures from other events that they want you to use.  How do you charge for your ideas when you’re not creating them anymore?  How do you add design creativity to an event when many clients only budget for “event essentials”?  These questions and others were the subject of a recent industry roundtable, and the resulting analysis is presented in this white paper.

Recruiting & Managing Event Volunteers
Volunteers of all types are frequently tapped as a free source of labor for many special events. Aside from their cost savings to an event budget, they can bring passion and enthusiasm to your event, and form the fabric of a strong community of supporters. Yet deploying volunteers without properly vetting, training, and managing them can result in disaster.  Learn to define the various reasons why people volunteer, and understand how that should influence your thinking, identify strategies for reducing no-shows and walk-offs with your event volunteers, illustrate the proper strategic view of volunteers as brand ambassadors and how to implement that philosophy in your volunteer training, and identify unique challenges and benefits of utilizing volunteers at events, as compared to regular office settings.

Delivering Value for Event Sponsors
The primary reason a sponsor decided to sign on with your event, as well as the main reason they decide to renew, is if they perceive they’re getting good value from their sponsorship. Good value, however, is in the eye of the beholder, and what event hosts consider good value is not necessarily what sponsors consider good value. This paper will address the issue of defining value from a sponsor’s perspective, and how that perspective can and should be used to design, sell, and execute event sponsorships.